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Fly, race, fight and win in this exciting 3D space racer.


Every 1000 years a a interplanetary race happens somewhere in the galaxy to choose the fastest, badest and greatest racer...and this time it is happening on Earth.


Terra GT is a 3D racer with combat mechanics that let's you race with three other friends locally. Choose one of the different spaceships and destroy your competition in the high speed tubes with different Earth related themes.


My job in this project was:


  • Original idea: Pitched and wrote the original design of the game, including mechanics and features.

  • Programmer: Developes every system, script and code of the game while implementing 3D assets and Gameplay mechanics.

Look for the golden empanada to escape the simulation and keep your life.


Empanada Time is a small 3D platformer developed in Unity 3D in one week. We took inspiration from games like Jak and Daxter and Rachet and Clank to create a sweet short experience. 


Empanada Time is what happens when four students take a normal assignment to the next level and create a small game. 


My job in this project was:


  • Main character programming: worked on researching and implementing animations and mechanics in the main character.

  • Level Design: Created the documents and the design for all the platforming and target placement.

A lot of people played the original asteroids, but....


What happens if you add a simple color switching mechanic????


Color Asteroids adds another level to the classic design. You can only destroy asteroids that share the same color as you, adding a new level of thinking and complexity.


My job in this project was:


  • Developing the design and logic of the game. This is a solo project, but the art assets were provided by the school.










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